Magni Nominis Umbra

There was an ocean, white and frozen
Blackened with my shadow’s eye
That gazed inside the maze I’ve opened
Searching with an looking glass
For the trails that took my soul
For the journey far beyond
The windows of my flesh, now stixed
To the Moon’s nocturnal realm

The emptiness grows black and fades
Into the night as I escape
The fate already written
With teardrops and the winds of time

There was a hill, obsidian mountain
Pouring flames like magma fountain
Smokes painted starless nightscapes
With my breathe, trapped in the air
Cascading rivers of dark blood
That poisoned Gaia’s sacred heart
Turned into waterfalls of dust
Smudging skyland’s with the mists of dusk

Deserts shine with koh-i-noor
Trees wither – oh, Xiberia
Third side of the Moon
Like doors
Opens the planes… Infernal

The labyrinth of wishes
Pacts of blood and long lost whispers
Swallowed by the darkness
And brought to the Kings of flames
Omens form into a promise
Pack of wolves will run with me
Through the gates that no-one crosses
Without forgetting his name

Shallow are the coils – behold!
The pathways lead our dreams like winds
Carry echoes of our warsongs
Embracing the dead like we never lived