Deliria, Dementia, Draconia’s Dance

Time cursed to stand forevermore
Eternity shines black as coal
Astral dreampscapes open
As lunatic prophet’s eye
The portals of my eyelids
Two omegas carved in flesh
Seek for the trails in nyctosphere
Daemoniac nymphe already waits
Plutonian flowers on Her head
Scarlet seas cascading from Her lips
The coldest hand I’d ever kiss
And follow through the nights of mist
The footsteps I can nearly hear
Stars glimpsing coldly as they watch
The nightmares lurking from beyond
Obsidian mountains dipped in snow
As thorns on Gaia’s tortured womb
Bleed with visions I’ve foreseen
While Enns flew with the furious winds

Succubi, Lamashtu’s sinful child
Narcissa watered with lava and blood
The flames of Inferno bloom with emerald
The ashes you breathe illuminate the dark
As the flames of Venus run in the tunnels of our veins
Dimension of dementia, liquid winter shaped with fire
Now dance, Deliria, dance entchanted
Conjuring all that you desire

How sweet is the smell of graveyard dirt
And leaves that calm my eyes
Cold air lights with snowy crystals
As Her tongue swallowed the soul of mine
Indigo waves of Acheron still paint Her lustful face
One second spent in Eden costs my spirit cursed to dream in black
Aeons pass as I still drift
The chambers of my heart
Re-echoing the darkest sparks
Of a sigil burnt with Her eyes

Corpse within a corpse
A ruined garden of my ghost

Where trees bloom underneath
The earth –
no path will ever take this curse
The nightside of arcadian realms
Bleeds with what you’d call a prayer
But there’s nothing, only silence
And an incense, lightened with life-coloured candles
Potions mixed with cures for death
My scarlet iris knows already
There’s no beggining, there’s no end
An ornament of dark energies

Now kiss me, Mother, as I finally see
The dawn above the waves of Stix
Now lie to me, oh Lord,
About the Moon which shines pure gold