…and the Night blooms with The Golden Dawn

Luna shines with ruby and gold –
An open wound on Hecate’s tomb
Wolves dressed in fleeing clouds of fog
As shades of my own hunger run
Sapphire traces carved in ebony spheres
Drops of blood paint footsteps on the maps
Of Earth condemned to drown in flames

Nightscapes written with the dying stars
Nocturnal creatures feeding on my mind
Bouqettes of scarlet trapped
Within the circles of infinity
Bloom when moonrays light my path
With phosphorizing… insanity

Torches schorch the rotting bodies
No oceans will ever cure this thirst
Saints burst with us in the blackest Abyss
Eating blessings and vomiting sins

Mirrors wrapped in frankincense
Black smokes shape into wings
Portals of the sweetest morphine
Flash welcoming my soul in Hell

Walls bleed with fountains of what I had lost
Staring at the cross I’ve tossed

The black holes glimpse with Serpent’s offerings formed into puzzles, sticked with blazing dreams
O Sol, the eye of Father Lucifer
Reflecting on the dragon’s skin
As my visions mirrored in the lands of bliss

Amdukias plays His symphony of wicked notes carried by the winds
The banquet of black spirits feasts
The witches’s cunts stare open wide
Entchanting with their lunar blood
Eternal dance of the damned
Who dare to laugh
When sheeps lay dead