Cosmic oceans bleed with comets
Auroras hang like curtains
Hiding thorns I’ve left behind
Cast into the flames of Thine
The dust and dirt shine like a marble
Covering the path I slide
Down to the Earth, cold and blackened
By the shades of trees crumbling to dust

The womb, the cave, the chamber
Leaves turn into a velvet coat
All mirrors turn obsidian, thunders
Freeze within my crawling corpse

The nights you dance away
Embrace my tortured spirit
As I sleep deep in my starless grave
Drunk on mists that crawl above
The meadows silvered with the moon
Somnambulic, yet as stone, catatonic
Praising You

Scarlet waves of rage and hunger
For revenge, shall lead me through
The maze You made to lose their souls
And hang them like flags stained with blood
Oh Priestess of our Babalon, plant the seed of my dark wish
In the garden of damnation, encircled with
Infernal fields
Where blooddrops bloom with victory
Of wolves who hunt the priests
All lies now multiplied by chaos
That twists within my furious dreams

Laylilel, the black moon of Your iris
Digs the hole
And casts the shadow of a nightmare
Swallowing my foes
And darkness nails them in the night
To the crosses they adore
Rotten sheeps exhuming lights
But there’s nothing but the yore
Paved with wounds and skulls
Oh christ, who bursts with us in Hell
Take your worms out of the plane
We’re doomed to rule forevermoreFB_IMG_1492626356382


Author: obsidianrites

A poet, lyricist exploring the nightside. Voyeuring the astral planes, throwing stones in search for puzzles that fit to my visions. The web shines with silver, the dawn blooms with gold, echoing the memories of life I still recall...

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